HD NOX+ Day Cream


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Apply daily on clean skin of the face and neck with a gentle massage.



Vitamin C (stabilized 1% and encapsulated 3%), Vitamin A, Vitamin E, Stabilized Superoxide Dismutase, Alpha-Lipoic Acid, Hyaluronic Acid of high and low molecular weight, Endogenous Glutathione Precursor, Anti-pollution Active Cell Defender, Jojoba Oil, Antioxidant Defender Peptide (L-Carnosine)


Cream enriched with high potency antioxidants that help reduce the harmful effects of pollution and IR radiation on the skin. It contains active ingredients that protect against collagen degradation and against possible damage to cellular DNA. It helps prevent the formation of wrinkles and is ideal as a complement to photoprotectors. Its continued use helps to return to the skin the appearance of its youth. Silky texture.


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